Who is T -Fashion?
T-fashion is a wholesaler of sportswear, promotional and workwear.
We can put your logo on our products in our own printing , engraving and embroidery studio.
Because of our large inventory , we can guarantee you a very short period of delivery.T-fashion sells only high quality products at a reasonable price .
We distribute a range of James & Nicholson , Myrtle Beach, Hanes, Stedman and Karlowsky because of the quality.
We also produce some customized products. Our work pants in this case are a very good example.
We only use the best quality inks for our printing.
Embroidery is always happening with the best embroidery yarns.
Our company is located in the Driesstraat 7 Wortegem- Petegem .
You can call us on  +32 55 23 98 73 or send an email to info@uwlogo.be
If you know more about our products and services , we can fix an appointment without obligation.
We welcome you in our showroom after appointment.
We make personalized products to be worthy of your name !

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