Techniques your partner in professional personalization!

We offer a very extensive range of personalization techniques:

TEXTILE PRINTING:from silk screen to DTG, flex / flock to sublimation.

EMBROIDERY: directly on fabric or embroidery of badges

ENGRAVING: classical and laser engraving

Borduren (tekst)

When embroidering the design is converted via special software to stabbing and stored in a file. This file is transmitted to the equipment tehat can be applcated to the textile yarn. Most clothing can be embroidered. We also make  embroidery badges that . Because we have both one-meerkopsborduurmachines feature, we can easily small and large runs with both small and large embroidery designs. All embroidery programs are made ??in house, so adjustments can be made quickly. We never save on the number of stabbing an embroidery that counts. Our embroidery yarns are washable up to 95 ° C and have an exceptional quality. Embroidery with sequins, metallic thread or yarn against fire poses no problem. We like to perform a chic and exclusive effect with this technique.

Laser engravement

Here we burn the design into the material. The computer-controlled machine can include text, logos and pictures engraving. Most materials can be engraved with this technique, but you have to be sure that they do not contain PVC. We think of plexiglass, wood, cardboard, paper, metal, mirrors, glasses, bottles, pens, cups, ... This technique is also used to cut certain materials. We can use this cutting which before embroidery. Leathers and fabrics for industrial applications and many plastics are cut with this technique. This can be used for making molds, parts made ??of plastic, pieces of relief, ...


Printers with sublimation ink, print the design on a support. After drying of the ink it solidiies. Said carrier is pressed onto the textile in a calender or a transfer press. Under the influence of pressure and temperature, ink changes in gas. This draws the gas into the material to be printed. This gives us an impression of high quality. This technique can be used for printing on white polyester or other material having a polyester coating.

Flex en flock

Deze snijmaterialen worden gebruikt bij het bedrukken van jassen, sportkledij, paraplu’s, sporttassen,… . Via een snijplotter wordt het ontwerp gesneden in flex of flock. Daarna moeten deze materialen nog “gepeald” worden. Het uiteindelijke logo wordt via een transferpers op het textiel geperst. Deze techniek is vrij arbeidsintensief en wordt toegepast voor kleine oplages.

Screenprinting transfers

This is a form of screen printing. It will not be directly printed on the fabric, but the design is printed in mirror image on a support. Then this is printed by transfer on the textile This printing technique is used in difficult to print textiles such as jackets with pockets, warmers, etc.. Through this technique it is possible to create printed media and store until the customer needs the imprint it. For example, the set-up costs can be avoided, and thus printed on demand.

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