James & Nicholson
This brand offers  a very large range of textile , ea sports, promotional en leisure clothing. All these products are of excellent quality. It features a wealth of colors and always follows the latest trends .

Myrtle Beach
This brand has the largest proposal in caps , hats, chapeaus , scarves , gloves and sponge mats.

Caps and hats are generally in the same colors of James & Nicholson.

This German manufacturer is the specialist clothing for the catering and care sector . This gamma offers chef jackets , aprons, pants, shoes , towels and clothes all dirty and staff for members of the health care sector : hospitalization , beauty salons, hair salons , ...
We can divide products into 3 groups Karlowsky : basic , premium and rock head .
The basic range is developed for domestic use. These are good quality products at great prices.
PREMIUM series delivers products for professionals . Elevated to such products as cook jackets, aprons and requirements we put wet suits . The name " Rock Head " is given to clothing for chefs cook connected. This line tells a story and is the exclusive products with many details.

Stedman was created as part of Hanes. That's when Stedman called to the enormous experience and expertise Hanes. The prices are very advantageous against an acceptable quality. It is mainly for promotional products market.

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