We use the fluent delivery service Bpost, which comes into force as soon as we receive the payment.

Individuals can use the shipping manager of Bpost make a decision where the package is delivered: at the address or a Bpostafhaalpunt.

Non-individuals receive the goods at the delivery address indicated.

If desired, you can pick up the goods yourself, after making an appointment on +32 55 23 98 73 or


The delivery time for non-personalized items will normally be about 5 working days.

Embroidery, printing and engraving is done by us with the greatest care; for personalized products, we provide a normal delivery time of 10 to 15 days, after receiving teh paiment and the agreement of the digital design.

Deviations are possible depending on the deliverability of availability, order, labor intensity and personalization capabilities and / or limitations.

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