T -fashion was founded in 1996 .

We started selling the Hanes products.
Soon we understood we had to do the customization and spend that was not an option . So we bought our first manual screen printing machine.
In 2000 the product range was expanded with Stedman . Moments later, following James & Nicholson , Myrtle Beach & Karlowsky .
In 2001 we bought our first flat printing machine .
With this we print silkscreen transfers , so we can personalize textiles on demand easily.

In 2004, our screen printing has been extended with a fully automated carousel .

These screen printing machines were supplemented by three eenkopsborduurmachines .
A few months later there is a 6 - kopsborduurmachine joined .
Currently we are working for both the single and the meerkopsmachines , only Barudan embroidery machines . These machines are the cream of the crop in the field of embroidery. This you also see the embroidery result .

As we get more and more demand for the printing of designs in many colors, even in small quantities , we started with digital printing .
About 6 years ago we worked with the first direct to garment printer.
We are also then started to push through large - format printers . This allows us to not only transfers digital printer , but also banners , posters , photos, stickers , ....

In 2008 we started to sublimate .
Through a calender we can roll fabric printing . These printed fabrics have their use in the manufacture of flags , curtains and screens , upholstery , ....
With transfer presses , we can -coated metal sheets , covers, glass , puzzles , ... printing .

In 2009 we took the engraving under the microscope .
With two mechanical engraving machines we notary plates , rating plates for example motors, signaling signs , nameplates , etc.

In 2012 we started with laser engraving. This gives us the ability to engrave on metal, logos and pictures of wood , cardboard, paper , plastics, ... almost any material as long as they do not contain PVC .
We also use this machine for cutting materials. This is much applicable in our embroidery workshop where badges or opnaaiemblemen cut .

In 2013 the foundations of UWLOGO.be be laid.
This platform provides additional services in the areas of sales, logistics and traceability of orders .

Unique is that you can personalize with our products with the ONLINE DESIGNER with real-view effect.

The digital platform  UWLOGO.be is aimed at businesses , schools , clubs , associations, and to resellers and recently even to individuals.
Our team has built a beautiful experience over the years . We still have a lot of ambition to extend this experience and give you even more service.

We welcome you in our shop, showroom or at events .

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